Ted Phelps

Ted Phelps

Phelps Road in October,  
watercolor, pencil,  5”x7”   


About Ted

Ted has been drawing since he got the John Nagey kit at eight years old, and has since worked in many media including drawing, watercolor, oil, and acrylic. He has studied visual art, psychology, languages, and mime at Yale, and later painting and computer science at the University of Albany. Ted designed the Natural Meditation method and has written, A Course in Meditation (Windless Place, pub.).  He also studied acting at Yale and IN workshops, locally.

Ted’s fiction writing is a direct result of Deb Koffman’s repeated invitation to challenge yourself and to take risks in your creativity. “The vulnerability of these open mic experiences makes us a community,”  says Ted.

TedPHelps.com | NaturalMeditation.org

Ted regularly reads and performs original writing at IWOW (In Words Out Words) open mic and other events at CPC.