Kids from Project Connection in front of their installed art for the Housy Windows Project.

Project Connection

The Center for Peace through Culture worked with middle school children from the Berkshire Hills School District to create a mosaic of art for the Housy Windows Project.

To ensure every student had an opportunity to express their own voice through their own art, two full-sized canvases (pre-cut to fit in the boarded up window spaces) were divided into 36 smaller canvas panels. Each student either designed their own panel or collaborated with a partner to complete their works of art.

Over the period of a week, CPCs Executive Director, Andreas Engel, worked with the kids to provide artistic tips and techniques, and helped them complete their ideas.

Project Connection kids discoverd that even the rags they used to create their art were their own works of art.

On August 9, 2023 the Project Connection kids took a field trip to Housatonic to see their work installed onto the school building. Extra Special Teas and SoCo Creamery generously provided beverages and ice cream to make the experience for the kids all the more rewarding. Eric Gabriel and the Gabriel Electric crew generously provided their time to install the work.

Julianna Torres (7th grader)

My painting is about a tree with a cat on the branch. I think of trees like people. I also have two cats and they are very important to me.

Haven Tolbert (6th grader)

I have two paintings. My first one says ‘be creative’. I just thought about how I’m creative and I want other people to feel creative too. The second one says ‘be you’. I want people to just be themselves and not feel like they have to copy anyone else.

Noelia (6th grader)

My painting is of Winnie the Pooh. I chose that because I like him.

Troy Davis (5th grader)

I painted a tabby cat in the sun. I chose that after my families’ cat named Pumpkin.

Nathan (6th grader)

I painted a person eating cheese with pizza, chocolate and watermelon because I drew what came to my mind.

Daniel Ortiz (7th grader)

My painting is about soccer. I got it from my mind- I like to play soccer. I’m the GOAT.

Ivanna Aguilar Maldonado (6th grader)

My painting is about the Housy Dome that’s across from the school. I love playing basketball there.

Jasmine (8th grader)

I painted a sunset with an island in the background. I didn’t really have an inspiration, I was just thinking about landscapes..

The Center for Peace through Culture uses the arts as a vehicle to inspire and cultivate more peaceful selves and community.