Kids Super Journal


An Illustrated journaling workbook by Elizabeth Heller

The Kids Super Journal is a 70 day mindfulness and journaling activity book designed to empower kids ages 7-12 to self-manage life’s challenges and embrace life’s joys with a research-backed strategy that combines mindfulness, movement, and journaling.

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Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 21 × 15.5 in

Soft cover with spiral binding.



About the Author

Elizabeth Heller is a mindfulness and journaling expert, bestselling children’s book author, podcast host, a mom, a wellness entrepreneur, and a super-journaler!

Elizabeth had a tough beginning to her life and suffered abuse and other trauma. She discovered journaling by lucky-accident as an 8-year-old and it saved her life. Her mission is to let every child know about the life-changing journaling and mindfulness tools she has practiced and studied.


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