Facing Fear


An Illustrated Story In Rhyme By Deb Koffman

“Fear, loneliness, pain, worry… how do we face those emotions and sensations we don’t want to feel?
I have discovered that resisting, judging and hating what I am feeling encourages my suffering.
Accepting and giving space to what I am feeling tends to ease my mind.
Even if the pain doesn’t disappear, I am more likely to find the gift inside my own suffering when I am present and relaxed.
May you too find the gift in all things.”
~Deb Koffman 2020

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About the Author

For many years, Deb Koffman worked out of her studio and gallery in Housatonic, Massachusetts creating clever cartoon art on all scales, from small doodles to larger-than-life installations. Her joyful, colorful artwork explores ways to get unstuck, seek new perspectives, be fully present, and change thought patterns that may hold us back from experiencing life to the fullest.


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