Landscapes, Portraits, and Still Lifes

El Viaje II (The Journey II)

by Katunemo


by Laura Didyk

Storybook Series

A photography installation by Andreas Engel

Words of Courage

Works by Deb Koffman

Donna Mikkelsen


The Center for Peace through Culture’s building at 137 Front Street, Housatonic—also referred to as “The Little Gallery”—is the former studio of the late artist Deb Koffman. CPC offers immersive exhibitions to inspire imagination, communication, healing, and community interactions. The exhibitions also provide a rich backdrop to other performance, workshops, and lecture events that take place in the space, cultivating a rich environment for deep learning and cultural connections. Below is an archive of past and current exhibitions:

Landscapes, Portraits, and Still Lifes
a group exhibition featuring Berkshires artists

Nov 11–Dec 29, 2023

Featuring accomplished Berkshire artists who have been immersed in or are actively participating in CPC’s events and programs. The exhibition includes original oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media paintings, and photographs that hold strong influences from and connections to the Berkshires. 

El Viaje II (The Journey II)
an exhibition by KATUNEMO

Sep 9–Oct 15, 2023

Founded by Marina Domínguez, Katunemo is a collective of artists that devote their individual expressions—sharing their stories, cultures, and journeys with the community—to create equal opportunities for artists who not usually seen and heard, using art as a means of healing and free expression. 

Fundado por Marina Domínguez, Katunemo es un colectivo de artistas que dedican sus expresiones individuales y colectivas (compartiendo sus historias, culturas y viajes emocionales y físicos con la comunidad) a crear igualdad de oportunidades para artistas que normalmente no son visto ni  escuchados, utilizando el arte como medio de curación y libre expresión.

Works on paper by Laura Didyk

Jul 15–Aug 26, 2023

Featuring over 20 works of erasures—also referred to as “blackout” or “redacted” poetry—this exhibition featured a conversation between the artist and pages from books and magazines—through mark-making as well as subtracting and highlighting existing text.

Storybook Series
a photo installation by Andreas Engel

Nov–Dec, 2022

The Storybook Series featured large-scale, dimensional photographs taken in the Berkshires by Andreas Engel. Designed to be imagined illustrations for fictional stories, the work included small “footnote images” and accompanying excerpts of literature —to be “listened to” in the viewer’s eye, and inspire imagination, discovery, and a sense of wonder.

Nov 19, 2022

Ambidextrous artist Donna Mikkelsen performed as part of the opening event for the Storybook Series exhibition opening at the Center For Peace through Culture in Housatonic, MA, November 19, 2022. 

Words of Courage an exhibition of works by Deb Koffman

Jul–Sep 2022

CPC’s inaugural exhibition at 137 Front Street, “Words of Courage” – featured a selection of works by the late artist, Deb Koffman, who occupied, exhibited, and hosted workshops and events in the space between 2014–2019. Original, two and three dimensional selections on paper and canvas included themes relating to stress, anxiety, empathy, resilience, creativity, and well-being.