Are you a fan of The Moth? Do you have stories to tell, but could use guidance and support to get up the nerve to craft and tell them?

There’s a big difference between an anecdote and a story, and in this class, you will study how to distinguish between the two, curate your own well-told true stories, have the chance to practice public speaking in a supportive environment, and then have the chance—if you want—to tell your story publicly at a live storytelling show.

Registration for this event is $100 for the full, 6-class course. Register here.

About the instructor:
Moth StorySlam winner Sheela Clary is a teacher, storyteller, and writer that contributes regularly to the Berkshire Edge, serves on the Parish Council of the Monterey United Church of Christ, and is on the board of Flying Deer Nature Center. Sheela aims to amplify quiet voices, hidden truths, and unorthodox stories that foster human connection. She’s most interested in education, the craft of writing, and the nature of common life in this local and national community.