Poetry Night is a non-competitive, free-form reading event where poets and aspiring poets have an opportunity to showcase their original work in five-minute time slots. Participants are encouraged to use any creative form of expression, such as singing, performing, or using props, to surprise and inspire the audience. Speak Your Art Out!

Featured guest is Ted Phelps.

FREE with a suggested donation of $10 to cover costs. Bring your friends and invite others to join!

Participants are encouraged to bring up to three poems to read or perform and arrive at 6:45 to put their names on a list.

About the featured guest:

Theodore K Phelps, known to most of us as Ted and in visual arts as TKPhelps (see TedPhelps.com), says “I am no ordinary poet. That’s because a) no poet is ordinary; no person really is, and b) I don’t like the noun pinned on me. Can we just say, ‘I make the occasional poem?’ Happens mostly by some mystery, when its source drops into my left ear, snakes or sneaks into my heartspace and I grab it and say, ‘Hey, dear, I’m gonna write you!’  I am not going to list my publications because it would take up so much space, that is, white space.”

Nevertheless, Phelps has been a welcome reader and performer of his poems and poetic fiction at open mics in New York and IWOW. As a member of the Woodstock Poetry Society, he was the invited reader a few years ago at the monthly Saturday afternoon where he read from his collection “Daffodils Cut.” His Poems are mostly one-page in length, presenting image-and-feeling in layered ways. Ted admires Ted Kooser and his metaphor about keeping clarity and avoiding obstruction in poems. 

Enjoying a well-written poem can be like going for a ride in a glass-bottomed boat. The poet deftly and confidently pilots the language, taking the reader across sometimes deep, sometimes cold, often colorful waters. -Ted Kooser, Poetry Home Repair Manual, 2006


Bobby Miller is a performance poet, and photographer. Author of three books of poetry; "Benestrific Blonde", "Mouth Of Jane" "Rigmarole" and " Troubleblonde" Poems/short stories/monologues and letters. Published in "Aloud: Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Cafe", " Verses That Hurt; Pleasure And Pain From The Poemfone Poets" St. Martin’s Press, and “The Outlaw Bible Of American Poetry” His photography books include "Fabulous! A Photographic Diary Of Studio 54" REDUX, " A Downtown State of Mind", " Wigstock in black & white", " PORTRAITS 1973 - 2009 " in three Volumes, " Queer Nation" with figures by him and Basil Twist, " Jackie 60 Nights", " Forget Them Not: A Celebration Of Those Who've Gone Before" and "Divas, Dudes & Dandie. His influences were Christopher Makos, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jimmy De Sana, and George Hurrell. Studied photography with Lisette Model The New School of Social Research. New work" The Outlaw Bible of American Art" " Comic Book" & "NUDES".