Celebrate The Poetry of Michael Lally


Celebrate The Poetry of Michael Lally

Co-hosts Karen Allen and Bobby Miller will be leading a series of readings to celebrate the poetry of Michael Lally. Lally is considered part of the New York School of poetry, which began in the early 1950s and is acknowledged as one of the most influential movements of American poetry.

Live readings by:
Karen Allen · Richard Anderson · Charles Bernstein · Hannah Braken · Kale Browne · Nick Browne · Jane DeLynn · Caitlin Hoatling · Stella Kamakaris Keating · Donovan Lally · Flynn Lally · Miles Lally · Annabel Lee · Bobby Miller · Jamie Rose · Maria Serrano · Terry Winch · Geoff Young

Video readings by:
Bruce Andrews · Alec Baldwin · Elaine Equi · Bob Holman · Angela Lockhart-Aronoff · Michael O’Keefe · Simon Pettet · Jerome Sala

Due to limited capacity this event is by invitation only. The event will be recorded and offered online at a later date.


Why this event matters:
This special event brings together a community of poets to celebrate the works of the influential poet, Michael Lally.