Art Exhibition Opening: Storybook Series

Open to the public! Step into an immersive exhibition of photographic installations and other works by Andreas Engel, with special guest Donna Mikkelsen, who will be performing live, ephemeral art. Forget what’s familiar, and become immersed in the mysteries and possibilities.

About The Storybook Series—notes from the artist:
"I conjure the precious time of my early youth in the jungle of Guatemala… my father reading epic, fictional books to me and my brothers in the glow of a hissing kerosene lamp; the giant shadows of occasional bats sweeping the interior walls… me, listening, imagination soaring, looking for secrets in the occasional, illustrated pages of the book in my father’s hands… The Storybook Series is a collection of photographs I took in the Berkshires—now my beloved home in Massachusetts—that are imagined illustrations for fictional stories. The accompanying excerpts of literature that I’ve selected for each piece are suggestive. My intent is for the work to be “listened to” in the viewer’s eye—to inspire imagination, discovery, and a sense of wonder." ~ Andreas Engel

About Donna Mikkelsen
Donna Mikkelsen is an ambidextrous artist living in Beacon, New York. For 30 years she has been developing her method of symmetry drawing as an artistic daily practice and a teaching tool. Her performative drawings are full-body size and incorporate movement, sounds music, and stories.

Why this event matters:
This exhibition provides a vehicle for individuals to explore their own imagination and inspire new ways of seeing.