Installation of art by Ellie Kreischer (center banner) created for the Housy Windows Project.

Ellie Kreischer

“Deb Koffman was the one that inspired me to pursue art as a career. I went to the monthly Mindful Drawing classes that she held at her gallery and she helped me see the world in a completely new way.

Before long, I was exhibiting my work in her “Little Gallery” and was on my way. Now, I’m teaching an art class to high school students at Miss Hall’s School, which feels like a dream come true.

Building view of the Housy Windows Project. Work by Ellie Kreischer second from right.

What’s amazing is that I’m now finding myself back at 137  Front Street—Deb’s former studio—and I’m finding myself inspired all over again. The events, workshops, and continuation of Deb’s legacy are continuing to push me creatively in new ways.”

~ Ellie Kreischer

The Center for Peace through Culture uses the arts as a vehicle to inspire and cultivate more peaceful selves and community.