The Center For Peace Through Culture offers thematic suites of educational programming—including exhibitions, workshops, performances, and other events—to inspire and offer multiple points of entry to deep learning and conversation. 

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Exhibition Opening Nov 19

Andreas Engel

Storybook Series

In the Storybook Series, artist Andreas Engel invites you to forget what’s familiar, and let imagination lead you deeper into the woods. Let go of what you think you know, and become immersed in the mysteries and possibilities. Below the surface, behind the shadows, drama and joy, tension and relief.

Past Event Highlights

A young participant shows off her customized personal journal at the Kids Super Journal book launch event.

Kids Super Journal author Elizabeth Heller shows off her new book at The Little Gallery.

A participant performs an original music composition at an IWOW open mic at The Little Gallery.

Berkshire Tai Chi participants hold a class in The Little Gallery.

Support comes in all forms at The Little Gallery.

Sat Bir Khalsa, Ph.D. presents scientific research on the efficacy of yoga and mindfulness practice in the schools.