Carmen Silva-Baker with her mural created for the Housy Windows Project.

Carmen Silva-Baker

“All my life I have enjoyed creative expression – creating projects, decorating cakes, painting, drawing, writing, even directing and acting. In so many ways art is a wonderful expression that heals and empowers.

While walking in Housatonic with my friend, we visited the Center for Peace Through Culture because it is always so alive and interesting to see. I said “hi” to Andreas and he told us about the project of painting canvases to cover the windows of the school. I was a little bit shy about the idea and then decided to embrace the project and have fun with it. I am so grateful to Andreas for his help and encouragement and the opportunity to share some of the color I have in my soul.”

Carmen Silva-Baker, working on her mural for the Housy Windows Project.
On right: installation of Carmen Silva-Baker’s artwork for the Housy Windows Project.

The Center for Peace through Culture uses the arts as a vehicle to inspire and cultivate more peaceful selves and community.