On left: installation of artist Alexis Evelyn Weiner’s River of Glitter (2023) acrylic on canvas, created for the Housy Windows Project.

Alexis Evelyn Weiner

“This project intrigued me because it lies at the intersection of my passion for art and education.

The concept of bringing attention to and activating an educational building in this way excites me because it shows the power of art to reinvigorate an underutilized space. Housatonic has a creative past and present. This project connects the old with the new while highlighting an array of artists’ work. I hope others will see my work alongside that of other artists and wonder about the possibilities of this place. 

Detail of artist Alixis Evelyn Weiner’s River of Glitter (2023), acrylic and glitter on canvas, created for the Housy Windows Project.

My piece was created using acrylic paint and glitter. I applied the paint using a variety of tools such as kitchen tools and palette knives. I also used spray bottles to add water to the paint creating movement and directionality. I work in multiple layers allowing the paint and water to dry in between.”

~ Alexis Evelyn Weiner

I have loved painting ever since I was a child. I studied architecture at Lehigh University and then went into art education working for a variety of children’s museums and schools before opening a children’s art studio. For the past 2 years I have focused on my own painting practice with an emphasis on expressive and intuitive painting with acrylic and watercolor paint. I am particularly interested in how my painting and teaching practices inform and inspire one another.

email: lexi@evelynscorner.com
website: www.evelynscorner.com
instagram: @evelynscorner
facebook: @evelynscorner

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